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Thank you for visiting the Python 3 Guide, where you can learn computer programming using the Python language.

Why should you read this Python guide?

There are many terrific Python guides out there. Why should you read this one, instead of the others?

Here are a few reasons:

  • This Python guide is practical. I kept the dry theory to an absolute minimum and focus on getting stuff done in the real world instead.

  • This guide is easy to read. No fancy prose is to be found here. People tell me I explain stuff in simple terms, making it easy to understand for everyone.

  • This guide covers the whole range of Python users: from absolute beginner to advanced programming.

This guide is constantly evolving. New pages are added almost daily, so make sure to check back regularly and follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

What you will learn from this Python guide

You will learn about computer programming using the Python language. My goal is to make you understand the language and the ecosystem. After reading this Python guide, you will be able to continue exploring Python on your own. You won't feel lost, but instead you will know where to look when you're trying to solve a problem.

To reach this goal, this Python guide covers a broad range of topics that will get you productive with Python:

  • How to install and start using Python

  • The Python language itself

  • The rich Python ecosystem, consisting of hundreds of thousands of helpful packages

  • How to use Python in the real world: using virtual enviroments, unit testing, logging, etcetera

  • How to debug your code

  • How to use search engines to find more information

  • How to effectively ask questions online

I have also included a few bonus chapters on different, but very related topics. Just take a look at the table of contents for all the details.

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